The Industries We Serve

A Unique LNG Distributor

REV LNG will deploy a fixed or mobile LNG or CNG refueling station in your fleet’s yard, saving you money and time with a private fueling point.


Begin service ahead of time or protect against pipeline interruptions with our redundant LNG supply stream solution.

Emergency Gas Service

Keep your operations running with responsive mobile gas fueling systems.

Exploration and Production

The remote locations of oil and gas fields are no problem for our mobile LNG fueling systems.


As the industry seeks cleaner and cost effective forms of energy, we help companies develop their own fuel efficient fleet.

Industrial and Commercial

We provide cost effective energy solutions regardless of your proximity to a pipeline. Whether you need LNG as a primary or back up fuel, we can design the most cost effective solution for your needs.


Decrease fuel cost and emissions with LNG.


We cool natural gas to -260 °F, converting it to liquid form.

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Our Company

REV LNG, LLC attracts customers from a variety of businesses. Supplying energy solutions for industries ranging from shipping to drilling to power generation, we tailor custom an LNG system that suits our clients’ specific needs.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly trucking fleet. When our customers receive natural gas from REV LNG, it is delivered by our LNG fueled trucking fleet, one of the first of its kind in the Northeast. Our pioneering extends to our mobile fueling unites, the first of their kind in Pennsylvania. When flexibility and consistency are paramount, our mobile fueling units offer a solution to clients who operate in remote locations without pipeline access as well as customers who require redundancy to protect against pipeline interruptions.

Our company strives to provide creative and cost effective solutions for our clients, all while decreasing the carbon footprint of our clients and REV LNG.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

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