Emergency Gas Service


Whether if it is a planned or forced outage, interruptions in pipeline service disable companies who need fuel for every day operations. We provide reliable solutions for our customers who cannot afford to have such breaks occur. We offer the fastest and most reliable instant natural gas service for utilities, municipalities, industrial, and commercial customers who are dependent on natural gas to keep their operations viable. REV LNG stands ready to deploy our mobile storage and vaporization units, which are operational at a moment's notice. Our portfolio of LNG supply contracts offers LNG from redundant locations to make sure that power is always on, and your plant is never offline. Our company has the ability to deliver CNG via tube trailers and decompression skis as well for smaller volume jobs.

Our Rapid Delivery System

We offer proactive solutions for pipeline disruptions by providing redundancy solutions as a backup. In less than 24 hours, we deliver mobile storage tanks and vaporization skids with the ability to replace gas service for any duration.