How We Do It

How We Do It

We have three main service lines: Sourcing, Transportation, and Dispensing.

Since we control the entire LNG logistical supply chain, we have the ability to bundle a total service package or simply offer individual products to satisfy your energy needs. Moreover, we own and supply all the LNG equipment for our customers, eliminating all capital expenditure associated with transferring over to LNG.


With a portfolio of LNG fuel supply agreements across the country as well as our own LNG production facility under construction, we secure enough LNG to meet every customer’s needs. Our supply chain allows us to specifically design a seamless and economic solution for your business. 


LNG must be transported in specialized cryogenic tanks. REV LNG owns a new, state of the art fleet of cryogenic tankers, delivering natural gas to all of our customers. These tankers have high ranks in efficiency and quality. Whether our customer is a utility looking to refill their storage tanks, an E&P company needing drill transport drop off, or an on-road customer who needs LNG delivered to a highway station, our talented team of engineers will handle every logistical hurdle. We continue our tradition of over 15 million miles of safe documented travel hauling LNG across the United States every day. 

Dispensing via Our Instant Infrastructure

One of the largest challenges facing the natural gas fueling market is lack of infrastructure. Regardless of the economic and environmental benefits of LNG, the end user must be able to access fuel in a quick, safe, and efficient manner.  

REV LNG answers these challenges with our proprietary Instant Infrastructure design to dispense LNG. Our technology is substantially more cost effective than building a traditional fixed base “brick and mortar” fueling station. Our Instant Infrastructure can be deployed in less than 24 hours and lasts for years if necessary. Our dispensing system is designed for each customer’s needs, fitting into the tightest locations where footprint is a concern or allowing for growth and expansion. For clients concerned with pipeline interruptions, our mobile fueling units service as a reliable contingency plan to ensure a constant flow of power.

Because we own all the infrastructure, our customers do not need to lease or own their equipment, eliminating all capital expenditures. The only cost our customers incur is a simple price per gallon. REV LNG will design the appropriate size solution to best fit your storage and logistic needs.