Liquefied natural gas is a purer form of energy than tradition compressed natural gas. The liquefaction process removes impurities in the hydrocarbon molecules, leaving a clean burning form of fuel. REV LNG is a pioneer in small scale LNG liquefaction. We are currently constructing a 50,000 gallon per day production facility in the heart of the Marcellus Shale formation in Towanda, PA. This state of the art facility will be one of the first private LNG plants in the U.S.A. in the last 30 years. Our plant is small modular and fast to market. Its production will supplement our current supply portfolio and provide our clients with the most redundant and flexible fuel service in the industry. We can safely and efficiently deliver within a 700 mile radius of the plant on a daily basis to server our customer base.


REV LNG has partnered with the private equity arm of one of the largest utilities in Europe to design, construct, and operate one of the first private merchant LNG plants in the Eastern United States.
Our Bradford County, PA plant is a small scale modular facility comprised of nine skid mounted united units built on a liquefaction production pad, all within a 300 feet by 300 feet layout.